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School Messenger - September 14, 2020


Hello Falcon Families, this message serves as a reminder regarding the September 18th deadline to notify the school if you want a change in placement for the second nine weeks – (either F2F to LE or LE to F2F). Please keep in mind that a change may meana new schedule, possibly even different elective choices,  and in some cases, different teachers. Please keep in mind there will be NO changes allowed after the September 18th deadline, until I have a chance to look at numbers again at the end of the semester. If you plan on changing for the second nine weeks please email me prior to the September 18th deadline so we can best prepare for your student. Thank you for your continued support as we ALL are doing all we can for our children.

Go Falcons!



School Messenger - August 24, 2020

Hello, every school year parents, staff and community members come together to form what is called the School Advisory Council. This group discusses overall issues that benefit the school as a whole. The group is also responsible for supporting the School Improvement Plan. This is a state required document that contains several specific annual academic goals, and also highlights a specific subgroup of students. This year our SAC will be meeting virtually. The video conferencing tool will be selected prior to our first meeting.

The meetings for the year have been tentatively scheduled. The first meeting will be on September 22nd at 3:15. See below for the list of tentative dates:

9/22, 10/27, 11/17 , 12/15, 1/26 , 2/23, 3/30, 4/27

If you are interested in serving on the SAC and learning more, please email me and plan on participating in the September 22nd meeting. Thank you.


School Messenger - August 20, 2020

Dear Falcon Families,  

This slide show will walk you through our Face2Face Arrival and Dismissal procedures as well as tips for your student’s return to campus. Please review with your family and  assist us in making this a successful transition for your child. 

APS F2F Procedures

Click for Slideshow about F2F procedures and tips

This is for families who chose the Face2Face return option. [email protected] students will continue online. 

We appreciate your support.


School Messenger - August 14, 2020

Hello Falcon Parents,

I’d like to thank you for a dynamic first week of preseason. I have been responding to many emails from parents this week who are thrilled with the LaunchEd experience. We are bringing some normalcy back into our homes. Their children are motivated and eager each day. And the teachers are so satisfied with your involvement bell to bell.

Please continue this important work. We are at an awfully crucial point. The APSK8 will be the standard for LE and F2F instruction. We are creating something new here, and something unusually excellent will come from all this. And when we have a moment to breathe and look in the rearview mirror, we will then understand the new pathway we have cleared.


Students will begin trickling in to classrooms after 8:15AM, when we open the gates.  We will have temperature checks daily,  at each of the entrance gates. After we check each student temperatures, we will send them to the classrooms. Students can enter the school through four different locations:

Bus loop gate - ALL walkers will be required to enter here. 

Car loop gate

Cafeteria gate

Gym gate

Parents will not be permitted to enter the campus. If there is business you need to address, please enter the front office and speak to our clerk. Parent / visitors can expect their temperature to be taken. Face masks are required.


We have modified our lunch schedule and our cafeteria table arrangements to allow for grade levels to eat safely, spreading out and facing in the same direction. There will be color coordinated dots on the tables. Only 2 students will be permitted to sit at a single table. ALL students will be assigned a table and seat position. This will be their assigned seat for the remainder of the year. This allows us to know where everyone is, and in the event we need to research students who have been together, this will allow for that.

The serving lines will practice distancing as well, and be monitored by our staff. Lunch offerings will be similar to last year. However students will not take their selections from the serving line. These items will be handed to them, limiting contact.   

Traffic flow for MS and 5th grade (class change):

Arrows will be placed on the ground indicating direction of flow for class change.  Students will move in one direction (regardless if class is right next door in an opposite direction). Students must keep appropriate social distance from their classmates (no walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder) . Teachers may slightly stagger release times for grade levels if they choose to do so. Teachers will be present in the doorways.

Kindergarten – 4th grade will move as a single F2F unit. And will not have traffic flow contact with others.


Bikers and walkers will be dismissed first. Bus riders will be released once buses arrive on campus.

Car riders, K-5 release will be similar to last year and will occur in the carloop alongside our number poles.

Middle school students will be picked up in adjacent parking lot near the flagpole. If the MS student has a younger sibling, that MS student will go over to the “car loop” and wait with their younger sibling.


I will be sharing more information as it becomes necessary and prior to August 21st. Please have an excellent weekend. You have spent 5 long days taking care of others. Now go take care of you.



School Messenger - August 12, 2020

Hello Falcon Parents,

Wow, what an overall and overwhelmingly positive start to our 9 day LaunchEd journey. I would like to thank you for your patience and trust in us. Monday and Tuesday were a result of a lot of frontloading and hard work by our dedicated staff. Were there some bumps for some? Yes, and that was to be expected. But as I walked the building on Monday and visited our classrooms, teachers were smiling and engaged and online with their students. We are seeing the results of a well composed plan. Our work will continue and our partnership together will grow stronger as we approach August 21st. Between now and then you can expect some information from me regarding how to navigate arrival, dismissal and campus wide movement. We are working daily to perfect our logistics for our Face2Face students. The plan is fluid, but well thought out and will also set us up for success.

I know there are many questions regarding overall OCPS safety, procedures and teaching models. That information can be found using the links below. Please check back frequently for updates.





School Messenger
August 8, 2020


Grab n Go 2020 (002).pdf 


School Messenger
August 7, 2020

Hello and happy Friday. The staff at The APSK8 are eagerly awaiting our instructional Launch on Monday. I am certain by now you have a good grasp on where to be Monday at 8:40AM. This email serves as one more reminder, with an extra layer of assistance. I appreciate your continued support, flexibility and compassion. Please refer to the links below for all you will need to know to be ready for Monday Funday!

Student Instructions for Monday:

(Final) How to Join Class on Monday_.pdf


School Messenger  
August 1, 2020

Falcon parents, as we approach the start of school on August 10th, you will want to revisit skyward for pertinent information. Parent and Student Access will not be available until August 7th. The student schedule will appear on the left side of the student dashboard in Skyward. Please check skyward on August 7th. This will be the tool to determine your schedule. Students will have an opportunity to meet and interact with their 7 teachers beginning on August 10th when we begin our 9 days of LaunchED. Please stay tuned for more info needed to be successful on August 10th. Below is an example of what the students see in Skyward. Parent and Student Access will not be available till August 7th.docx For skyward technical support please email Ms. Frohlich at [email protected] As always, thank you for your support,

School Messenger
July 31, 2020

Hello Falcon Parents, this is Trevor Honohan, Principal of The Audubon Park School K8. Thank you for your attention, I will be efficient and brief. As you are aware, our school-wide [email protected] plan for ALL students begins on August 10th. Our teachers begin planning and preparing for this launch tomorrow and all of next week. We are all eager to work with our students and are anticipating our continued greatness. I'd like to thank all parents, students and staff members for your patients and for your support of me and this great school.  While some people may feel like all of the pieces are falling apart, we are looking at this as a way to catch the pieces and put them together differently. Yesterday one of our teachers sent me an email, she said...some of our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are faced with situations like the one before us, for it is only in those such moments, propelled by our discomfort that we are likely to find different or truer ways. That is what we will do at APS. That is what you can expect and that is what I need your help in creating. I also need you to remain compassionate and flexible. Please remember we are all in this together. We are a team and we will remain steadfast in being compassionate even when we become frustrated. Because that may be a possibility some days as we move through this new experience together.  Parents, you can expect a call from your child's teachers on or before August 7th. We are tweaking classroom assignments based on students' survey results. I am very pleased and encouraged by the large majority of families who will remain connected to Audubon whether it be Face2Face or [email protected] Lastly please stay connected to our website and social media pages for information regarding device pick up and other important items.  Have a great weekend.