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Uniting innovation and tradition


Hello Parents,
   The new school year is off to a terrific start. The students are absolutely wonderful. The teachers at APS-K8 are the best in education. Our parents and community members are unbelievably supportive. 
    The vision at APSK8 remains the same, to produce outstanding students, who care about their community. Our students will become CHANGEMAKERS. They will understand community concerns, get involved, problem solve and put solutions in place to make a positive change for ALL.
    The overall experience at our school will be unique, like nothing else you’ve experienced. that is because each of us will share a common vision. We will do whatever it takes, for the children. We will put all of the wood behind the arrow tip and maximize our production, together, as ONE.
   At the Audubon Park School K8, we combine tradition with innovation!
Thank you for your continued support. If you need anything, my door is always open. 

Trevor Honohan


Audubon Park School Dedication
The official OCPS School Dedication of Audubon Park School will be held in the gym on Friday, November 2nd. It will be an event that will bring Superintendent Jenkins, OCPS School Board members, elected officials and the news media to our school. Our students will gather in the gym and we will celebrate the dedication of our school with music, speeches and performances.
Friday, November 2, 2018
9:15am APS Gymnasium






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