Student Government

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APS Student Government
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President: Jess Lawless
Vice President: Olivia Park
Secretary: Avery Drake
Treasurer: Lila Christmas
Historian: Grace Hyatt
8th Grade Representatives: Reagan Sacha & Marley-Marie Clayton
7th Grade Representatives: Zoe Bloodwell & Lucas Drake
And the rest of our Student Government Team: Jordan David, Davis Freyer, Thomas Lawrence, Kendall Magly, Braden Maier & Madison Rampt

Mark Your Calendars  
for these upcoming events
sponsored by Student 


Hawaii Helpers

Help families affected by this summer's wildfires
All donations go to 
United Way - Maui

$1 minimum donation
for rainbow loom bracelet
all bracelets made by Student Government

Donations accepted in the courtyard
from 8:15 to 8:45
Wednesday Dec. 13 - Friday Dec 15


December 18 - 22

Matching Monday the 18th
Match with a group of friends

Anything But A Backpack Day the 19th
Get Creative!
You must still be able to use stairs for the day

Students Teacher Swap the 20th
Students dress like teacher and teachers dress like students.

PJ Day the 21st
Wear your comfortable pajamas to school

Holiday Best the 22nd
Wear your favorite holiday gear