SAC - School Advisory Council

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School Advisory Council


Audubon Park School K8 invites parents to get involved. One of the ways parents can get involved is through the School Advisory Council (SAC). This council is a group that brings representatives and stakeholders together to assist the school principal with developing and evaluating a school improvement plan. Each school must have a SAC that is ethnically, racially and economically representative of its community. Members of the SAC are selected according to procedures established by the school and school board in compliance with the requirements of state statutes. Each SAC is composed of the principal and representatives of teachers, education support employees, parents, community members, and students. Teachers, education support employees, students and parents are elected to the SAC by their peer groups. Community members are appointed by the principal.

The first SAC informational meeting will be held on September 14th in the media center at 3:15PM. At this meeting, we will discuss the process of SAC and set additional meetings. Please remember to wear a mask.



Trevor Honohan





2020 - 2021 SAC Council

Trevor Honohan                                             Principal

Will Dukes                                                       President / Chair

Karma Henley                                                  VP / Co Chair

Muhua Fang                                                    Secretary

Penny Long                                                     Minority Ach Rep

Linda Giorgi                                                     Classified

Jacinna Thomas                                              Teacher

Bria Hilliard                                                      Classified

Angela Tucciarelli                                             Teacher

E. Jurgensen                                                   Parent

Melodie Mihailoff                                             Teacher

Alexia Gawlak                                                  Business/Community

Cheryl Goodison                                             Parent

Naomi Wai                                                       Parent

Lisa Dilts                                                         Parent

Heather Van Dyk                                             Parent

Joie Cadle                                                       Community

Katherine Boral                                                Parent

Willis Milner                                                     Parent

Christina Welch                                                Parent